Tweetalig onderwijs

Bilingual education prepares students for an international future, in which language plays an important part. The challenge facing the teacher is teaching a subject from an international perspective and a language at the same time. Bilingual teaching therefore focuses both on language and content.

Students choosing this type of education need to be challenged as well. Apart from the international approach, this can be achieved by helping them develop an active learning attitude in which they are given responsibility for their own learning.

I offer an in-company-training based on the ideas above.

This training is meant for all teachers in the bilingual department including the teachers of English and will be in English. It may support you in developing a joint approach for bilingual teaching in your department.

Items to be dealt with:

  • how the foreign language affects your teaching
  • how students learn a language
  • how to approach vocabulary
  • how co-operative learning can contribute to using the foreign language
  • how we can organize interactive lessons, with a focus on language
  • responsibility and autonomy of learners
  • how the brain processes information
  • the relationship between content and language-learning (Content Language Integrated Learning)
  • personal goals and possibilities for your bilingual department